The Joy of Bun Thang



This week, I have had the amazing opportunity to have my in-laws in town! This means, great company, good laughs, and amazing food!
One of my FAVORITE Vietnamese meals is Bun Thang. This meal is often used at a breakfast or a late night snack because of its warm, but light taste. You do not leave the table like you have swallowed a brick. Check it out!

Bun Thang ( Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli Noodle Soup with Chicken, Egg, and Pork)

6 cups water
1/2 tbs sugar
3 chicken breasts
1 tablespoon Nuoc Mam( fish sauce)
Salt to taste

Add all together and boil for about 20 minutes ( or until chicken is cooked) and then take chicken out and simmer broth for 40 mins.


Boil Vermicelli noodles until tender and drain. Add handful to bowl.


Shred chicken breasts and add to noodles. ( Try shredding chicken without sneaking a bite… almost impossibly)


Next, is the egg! The egg may be cooked as an omelet. First, scramble one egg in a bowl and pour into a large skillet and try to make as thin as possible. Once cooked, slice thinly and add a big pinch.


Now, time for the meat! Cha Lua is a Vietnamese ham that is found in Vietnamese markets usually wrapped in banana leaves. Cut thin matchstick strips and add a large pinch to bowl.


To top, add cilantro, green onions, fried shallots ( found in Asian markets), sriracha ( to give heat), and lime to squeeze.


Now, the delicious broth! Pour over the noodles and fixings until the broth barely peeks through the fixings ( yes, i said fixing…southern girl making Vietnamese food!)



Last, but not least! Squeeze the lime all over the top and may your jaws clinch while making you salivate.

( Had to use my bowl for photo…husband is already chowing done on his while squeezing lime)

Mix together and you may begin eating! If you need any additional salt, use the Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) by drops. This is used as your “salt”, but be very careful because a little goes a looonng ways!


I hope you are enjoying your meals! Let me know what you think!! Remember, think about the full feeling without feeling a million pounds!

Sooo yummy!


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