My absolute FAVORITE coffee drink! This is a definite Must-Try!

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I was born in Vietnam, but don’t have memories of it.  All I know about the details of the first four years of my life, I know only through the stories told to me by my parents, aunties, uncles and cousins.  I’ve always felt a little as if I had missed out.  To make up for it, as a little girl, I asked a lot of questions.  I loved sitting in the car on the hour’s drive to Uptown for Vietnamese food, with my elbows perched on top of the sides of the front seats, my bottom on the very edge of the middle of the back seat, (seat belts weren’t a big deal back then from what I can remember) arms and fingers outstretched to reach the radio dial, and in-between changing stations and Dad’s singing of “Hey Jude”, I ask my parents questions about Vietnam.  My favorite…

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About Jessica

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I have created a blog to share ideas, give encouragement, speak about amazing charities, and to just give love and be a light for our Lord. Clothes. Make-up. Recipes. Crafts. Charities and ways you can be involved. Need I say more? Please feel free to comment of anything and give your words and advice. I hope you all enjoy and always remember.. "You are fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful"-Psalm 139:14. Be Blessed. Be YOU!

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