Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hello and Hallelujah!


Good Morning Everyone!

     Today is Friday the 13th and it is a GREAT day, right?!? Did you know that the real term for the fear of Friday the 13th is….friggatriskaidekaphobia. That’s right!  Try to say that three times fast!  Since the 19th Century, Friday has been known to be an unlucky day and the number 13 is known as a very unlucky number, combine the two and it makes for friggatriskaidekaphobia-ish kind of day. 

When I think about it though… Great things happen to me on Fridays and 13 is just after 12 and before 14.  Bad days come and go, but don’t let Friday the 13th pre-plan an awful day for you! Be reminded that each day is a day given to a special purpose and reason.  Trust that God is going to do amazing things and if something does happen that would have been better in the waste basket, know that God is in control and nothing catches Him off guard. Be a bright light on this known by society as a “dark day” and make something positive!